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We just completed our annual federal and state compliance review and thanks to our 5-Star team we are deficiency free with ZERO findings! Three plus days, three surveyors across 750 pages of federal code requirements.  They interviewed every resident and/or family, watched meals, staff interactions, cares, med pass, treatments, etc.  At the end, ZERO findings and/or deficiencies. They left without a single negative comment or any mention of anything they saw or encountered that we should pay attention to.  Only positive feedback about the amazing depth of our programs, our Quality Assurance, the knowledge of staff regarding residents and much more. 

Our staff is an amazing, dedicated and caring group. While we like to talk about how good the care is at Larksfield, it says even more when you prove it and back it up.  There is a good reason why - compared to 15,636 other nursing facilities - Larksfield Place ranks 1st in Kansas, 5th in the nation!


Thursday, January 24 2019 9:30 AM
Thursday, February 28 2019 6:30 PM

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