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Resident Testimonials

There’s no better way to show the value-added lifestyle of Larksfield Place than in the words of its residents. Your new neighbors come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many have traveled extensively but have chosen to live right here in Wichita. Here’s what they say about their decision. As you’ll see, here, you will still do the things you love, like the theater, your church and fine dining. Except we’ll clean your home and mow your lawn!

Take a look, then call (316) 858-3910 or contact us here to take the first step to change your address but not your lifestyle.


"A friend who already lived here said, ‘do it sooner rather than later.’” Those words kept ringing in our ears until we acted on it! We have been here two years and have never looked back. Our children who were reticent at first, love coming here and sharing meals with us and meeting our new friends. It’s a wonderful relaxed way of life. We just walk down the hall to get mail, our paper is laid at our door each morning. We can shop at the Courtyard Market for milk and bread or a gift for someone. Our drug store delivers our prescriptions to the front desk, the dry cleaners pick up and deliver to the front desk. I have used my oven only 3 times! We can always find something on the menu that sounds good for the great meals. I don’t have to cook!" - Mrs. Pat Scott, resident since 2009

"What’s the best thing about life at Larksfield Place? The total freedom to go and do and be where I want to go, and what I want to do and with the assurance that, when the time comes, I’m able to adjust my living space and environment to my personal needs. I like to tell people that since I moved to Larksfield Place I’ve doubled my pleasures in life and halved my stress. I’ve double my pleasures because I’m still able to be involved in all the relationships and activities that I’ve enjoyed before my move, but now I have a couple of hundred NEW friends plus a whole lot of new activities and amenities from which I may pick and choose when I don’t have enough to keep me as busy and active as I want to be. I’ve halved my stresses, because now I don’t have to worry about any outdoor or indoor maintenance work – Larksfield does it all for me!" - Mr. Harold Kieler, resident since 2010

"The building of the new addition influenced our move. We hadn’t thought of moving to any retirement center until we learned of the expansion at Larksfield Place. We already had friends who lived here and realized it was time to seriously consider our future living environment. So we signed up and moved in three years later, which proved to be the right thing to do at the right time." - Ralph & Alta Brock, residents since 2009

"During my forty working years, I spent a great amount of time doing things that I was expected or obligated to do.  Now retired and living at Larksfield, I feel free to simply say yes or no to anything that comes along.  It’s a great way to spend ones’ later years. Although it is not possible to get to really know all the residents, there are a fair number who were prior friends or acquaintances, and there are many opportunities to make new friends.  A huge variety of education and working experiences is represented in the Larksfield residents.  The staff is a group of high quality and well-trained persons." - Dr. James Stark, resident since 1995

"We feel like we are at a resort since Larksfield has allowed our lives to be enhanced without the burden of our older home and with the added real blessing of living in the same community where we grew up and raised our family.  Our beautiful remodeled Villa influenced our move to Larksfield Place and the opportunity to be personally trained in fitness by Amy, Rodney and Dixie." - Mr. & Mrs. Fooshee, residents since 2011

"We wanted to move while we are both in good health, before we needed to move." - Carol Olander, resident since 2010

"We love everything here, the people, the staff and all the amenities. The staff and residents are wonderful! The staff knows everyone here and treats them with respect." - Jim & Corky Boyd, residents since 2008

"Larksfield Place is undeniably the finest retirement community in Kansas." - Mrs. Geney Reed, resident since 2004