Larksfield Place
A community for living
Aerial view of Larksfield Place campus

Our Staff

Larksfield Place strives to hire only people who have a deeply ingrained sense of service. That attitude has given us a staff universally loved by the residents—people who love their work. In fact, many have family members living here!

Our staff bonds with the residents and families. For example, residents often want only “their” housekeeper to come and clean—the same person who’s served them here for years.

There’s a pride among departments to work together to make sure resident’s changing needs are met.  Please read their stories. Then call (316) 858-3910 or contact us here to meet them in person.

“Staff members always emphasize how much they enjoy working here.  In the past 2 years we have only met residents who tell us how happy they are to live here.”  - Mr. & Mrs. Fooshee, residents since 2011

Alana Knox

“I feel lucky to work here.” 
- Employed since 1992
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Rebecca Herrington

“The people here have had a positive influence on my life.” 
-Employed since 1994
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Vicki Rios

“The residents and staff share a mutual love.”
-18 Years with Larksfield Place
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Susan Oneth

“Since day one, it was always about putting residents first.”
-Employed since 1989
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Tami Hail

“I never dreamed I could make a difference in so many lives.”
-Employed since 1988
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