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Rebecca Herrington

I started working at Larksfield Place in 1994, as a junior in High School. Larksfield Place is a great supporter of education for its employees and allows for flexibility of schedules, so I was able to work at Larksfield while I went to college. I graduated with a Biology degree and great dreams of working outdoors with wildlife. But marriage and an unexpected start to our family put these plans on hold. Over the years, I continued to look for employment in wildlife biology but every job that was offered to me didn’t have the benefits that I had here. Changing from a student to a mother meant I still needed some flexibility. Larksfield Place recognizes the importance of family and spending time with them, whether it’s during an unexpected snow day or a doctor’s appointment for my son.

As a 16 year-old wait staff, I was timid and soft spoken, but because of the encouragement, support and praise from Larksfield residents and staff, I have grown to be more confident in myself and my abilities, not just as an employee, but as a mother and wife too. I have spent half my life at Larksfield Place and the people here have certainly had a positive influence on my life, and will continue to, as I grow into the person I want to be.