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The Larksfield Place Health Care Center's Commitment To Excellence results in ZERO Deficiencies!

Thursday, July 19 2012 10:07 AM

For nearly 25 years, Larksfield Place residents have known that the caregivers in skilled care are something special.  Now it appears that State Health Department inspectors agree.

The Larksfield Place Health Care Center was recently recognized by the state with a zero-deficiency survey.  The finding was announced following the facility's annual, comprehensive inspection conducted July 9-16.

In receiving the perfect score, the nursing home was recognized for meeting or exceeding state and federal standards in literally dozens of areas including patient care, cleanliness, food preparation and administrative excellence.  Zero deficiency surveys are extremely rare under the current system for evaluating nursing homes, which places facilities under a grueling spotlight.

"We are extremely proud of our caregivers and our facility for being recognized as having no deficiencies on our latest survey." said Nancy Rozzelle, administrator of The Larksfield Place Health Care Center.  "This is a reflection on the dedicated efforts our staff members make each day and our commitment to our residents."

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