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Meeting the Challenge of Being Better

Friday, October 17 2014 7:00 AM

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or a/k/a Obama Care), the healthcare industry has undergone a series of evolutionary changes. This isn’t to say that change wasn’t already present and operative moreover; the ACA drew “circles” around concepts that without legislative emphasis may have languished unimplemented for quite some time.  Specifically, what the ACA did was require providers to think about their care delivery systems differently.  Today, there is a heightened focus on quality, safety and patient satisfaction.  Along with this focus comes a tie to payment or a penalty in some cases, for non-optimal care outcomes.  Gone are the days (evaporating anyway prior to the ACA) where inefficiency and sub-standard quality are tolerated and not penalized.

As the landscape morphed and continues to morph, those that have and will succeed built complementary competencies and systems.  They stubbornly refuse to believe in any single paradigm other than “better is better”.  Across time, the organizations that triumph

this paradigm prize an important concept – Innovation. By definition, innovation means to change, to evolve, to transform and to morph.  To survive or more accurately to thrive within a changing environment, an organization must innovate.

The challenge in innovation is not to be different but to be better.  Different is easy but better requires a unique focus on the outcomes required by the customer.  In healthcare the customer is the patient and the payer.  Today both customers demand better than before. At Larksfield Place, rising to this challenge is “what” we do and “who” we are as an organization.  We’ve never rested on our laurels or believed that at any point, we were good enough. 

Today our focus is on developing an evolutionary approach in the delivery of care and service to older adults.  Our award-winning pharmacy partnership is just one example. Our continued use of technology to leverage and build our information connection between our partners and our residents and patients will spawn more innovations.  We expect to be fully integrated and accessible via our partners and vice-versa by 2016.  In addition, we intend on giving our patients, residents and families, their own unique access points to their health information and to educational information that keeps them informed and engaged in their aging journey. 

Clinically, we are building and pursing new competencies constantly.  Our depth of expertise in the care and management of various common chronic diseases is ever-expanding. Yet, the most important clinical competency we work on is the “care” of our residents and patients.  Outcomes are one thing but the daily experience in “total” matters most.  We know that what matters is not just that are patients, families and residents are cared for; they are also cared about.  This is how we go from not just focusing on being good but meeting the challenge of being BETTER.

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