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Larksfield Place First to Offer 360° Continuing Care

Tuesday, April 10 2018 10:55 AM

A few years back, Forbes did a piece on Target (the retail giant) and their success.  While other “box” retailers have shrunk or almost completely disappeared from the landscape, Target has grown and prospered.  The secret to success? A focus on customers, knowledgeable staff, and the ability of the customer to find in one place, an expanding array of products, conveniently accessible.  Today Target grocery is steadily eroding market share from industry leader, Wal-Mart.


There is a theme expanding; a reason for the success of Target, Costco and Wal-Mart.  These retailers focus on providing a 360 degree shopping experience.  Whether the products are groceries, prescriptions, clothing, automotive or appliances, customers can make a single trip and access known quality, known product availability and good service (particularly at Costco and Target).   And even with an ever-expanding range of product and service capacity, the prices remain competitive and transparent for the customer – including on-line.


As we know, customers prefer the convenience of a single source option for a vast array of services and products, why isn’t senior health care the same?  Why is everything in Wichita so fragmented?  Why can’t there be a single, 360 degree, customer-focused, highly rated, high quality option for care beyond the hospital?  Reasonable questions, worthy of an answer.


Unknown (but ideally not for long), there is such a 360 degree option – it is Larksfield Place.  Only one seniors housing and health care provider in Wichita can provide ALL services such as inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing, home health, transitional care, and outpatient services, with the same core staff and leadership, through one-stop, one-location.  Larksfield owns and operates each segment and employs the dedicated expertise within its staff to coordinate 360 degree care no matter where and when it is required.  The same therapy staff will guide resident rehabilitation from inpatient to home to outpatient.  No gaps, no holes, no inconsistencies: just great care.  Moreover, the care is delivered by the highest rated post-acute and seniors housing provider in Wichita.  Only Larksfield Health Care Center is rated 5 Stars in every CMS category. Larksfield Home Health is the only gold seal, JCAHO accredited agency in Wichita.   Only Larksfield has this kind of reputation, local and national award winning staff and a thirty-year history and commitment to Wichita.  One stop gets seniors the best care available.   The 360 degree continuum of care is available today; at Larksfield Place. 

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