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Is a Retirement Community Right for You?

Wednesday, May 27 2020 2:13 PM

When a couple or single person reaches retirement age or older, lifestyle changes often are in order. Some people want to use their retirement years to travel, while others want to take it easy and work on hobbies, socialize and volunteer. As people age, mobility and health might become issues. Some people have increasing memory or cognitive issues. The family home may seem too large and require too many maintenance tasks.

Though One might Not Want to Move to a Nursing Home, There are Other Options.

Retired people can choose from many living options when they move into a retirement community. Larksfield Place in Wichita, KS is a non-profit senior living community where prices are affordable and different levels of independence and care are offered. So, as a person's physical condition or cognitive condition progresses, they can move from one level of care to another without having to relocate to another community.

The levels of Independent Living and assisted living allow for the right level of services for every person as they age. This community plan allows older residents to live a distinctive lifestyle with health and wellness services as they need them. Residents choose the level of independence and services they will receive and as their situation changes, they can add to those services.

A couple might be newly retired and planning on traveling for a while, so they don't want to have the responsibility of the family home while they are often gone. This is a great time to downsize and move to this type of community. They can come and go as they please, knowing that their home and belongings will be safe. There are maintenance services included so they don't need to worry about mowing lawns or other maintenance tasks. And when they are home, this independent living community has a lot of socializing activities while they are in residence.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

This type of community is different than one with only one level of care.  A continuing care community is one that offers all levels of care within the same retirement community.  This tiered approach to aging in place is much better than other types of community because everything is one place. It is especially good for couples where one is having more health problems than the other. This type of community allows them to stay together longer and to be closer when more care is needed for one of them.

New residents can choose the style of housing they prefer, including villa homes, one or two-bedroom apartments, assisted living apartments, and finally nursing care rooms. They can start with one type of housing and change to more assisted living arrangements as time goes on. 

The age of retirement can mean many things to different people. Choosing the correct level of independence and assistance can meet all the needs of older people. The community offers more amenities than other neighborhoods. There are organized social activities, maintenance-free homes, and a level of independent living that senior citizens want to hang on to for as long as possible. The residents pay more than if they had a home or apartment in the community at large but that extra money pays for the maintenance, security, and other services provided.

What About The Stress of Downsizing and Moving?

Seniors may stay in the family home because downsizing and moving seem like too much effort or they are not physically able to sort through and get rid of extra belongings and then handle a move to a smaller place with less maintenance. This retirement community offers downsizing and moving services.

If a person is wanting to downsize and move to a maintenance-free home in a senior community, they can ask for help in other ways. Family members and friends can be asked to help. If a person needs assisted living help they can choose between home care and assisted living homes. Assisted Living can be a nice way to live and retain a certain amount of independence. Home healthcare is an option, but the person is still in a home that may require too much maintenance and upkeep. If mobility is an issue, staying in the family home can lead to loneliness and isolation.

When a person gets help moving and relocates to a senior living community with assisted living, a whole new world can open up for them. There are lots of people nearby to make friends with and there are activities and amenities within a short distance and easily accessible. Housekeeping and health care assistance can mean a better quality of life. A person living in an assisted care setting does not have to worry about getting sick or hurt and nobody knowing. There are people checking on the welfare of the residents on a regular basis and help is only a push of button away.

Assisted living is a nice alternative to nursing home living for people who need help but are sound of mind and able to live on their own with a little help. Having a private apartment and some independence can help a person be healthier and live longer while they age. Meeting with representatives and doing a health assessment is the key to choosing the correct level of independence or assistance.

Larksfield Place Cares About Its Residents

This is a caring community for seniors to live the best life in their senior years.  Our communities are designed to give seniors a distinctive and varied lifestyle in a safe environment. Our communities offer restaurant-style dining, an art gallery, a fitness center, an art gallery, visits to local attractions, and the best-assisted living services.  We are a not-for-profit living community consisting of 22 free-standing homes, 170 apartment homes for independent living, and 72 assisted living apartments. In addition, there are 90 licensed nursing care beds in an onsite healthcare and rehabilitation center. We have been operating since 1988. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.

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