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Channel 12/KWCH Segment Depicting Abuse to a Resident

Friday, February 3 2017 11:58 AM

Channel 12/KWCH is broadcasting a segment concerning a local adult care home and the care of residents with Alzheimer’s Disease/related dementia.  The segment depicts abuse on the part of staff to a resident.


Larksfield expresses our sorrow for the resident and her family and our disgust at the caregivers involved.  It is actions and events such as these that paint a sad picture of the adult care home industry. 


It is important for all that watch or have heard about the story to know that significant differences exist among organizations in Wichita.  Larskfield jealously guards our ratings and reputation as one of the finest senior health care providers in the nation.  No organization in Kansas has more staff members at the bed side, in direct care than Larksfield.  Our staff are rigorously trained and competency tested on hire and ongoing in dementia care, including management.  Many of our leadership are recognized locally and nationally for their work in senior health care and with residents afflicted with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.  Our team encompasses the spectrum of best-practice resources to care for ALL senior adults – Registered nurses, graduate degree, licensed social workers, art, recreational and music therapists, nutritionists, and physical, occupational and speech therapists.


Our passion is resident care and it is OUR business and OUR mission.  While no organization is perfect and bad acts by bad actors can occur, Larksfield takes enormous pride and invests all its resources and energy every day in caring for and about, our residents.  We hope that you know that there is a difference in facilities and programs in Wichita and that we pride ourselves in knowing that Better is Better.

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