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Frequently Asked Questions

Larksfield Place Frequently Asked Quetions Pet PolicyWhat kind of retirement community is Larksfield Place?

Larksfield Place is a not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Our community consists of 22 free-standing Villas, 170 independent living apartment homes, 72 assisted living apartments, 90 licensed nursing care beds in the Health Care & Rehabilitation Center (on-campus nursing home). 


When did Larksfield Place open?

Larksfield Place opened for business in 1988.


What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community provides a range of services, amenities, and health and wellness programs; all geared toward helping residents stay healthy and independent for as long as possible. Four levels of care are available within the community; independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care.   Knowing this can be your full-service retirement home forever means peace of mind for residents and their families.


Is Larksfield Place affiliated with a large chain?

Larksfield Place is a stand-alone community with a mission to serve older adults.


Do I buy my Villa or Apartment Home?

A deed is not exchanged; thus there is not an actual “buy” event. You make a deposit at the time you move into your Villa or Apartment Home. These deposits are 90% refundable at the time you discharge from Larksfield Place and the Villa or Apartment Home is reoccupied.


Since there is an entry fee, do I have to pay for anything else?

The deposit you make up-front is 90% refundable. Prior to the refund, Larksfield Place uses these monies to secure future services and care for residents. Additional monthly service fees include a flexible meal plan, all utilities except telephone, use of the Fitness Club with the availability of a personal trainer, bi-weekly housekeeping, computer assistance in the Business Center, use of the indoor swimming pool, complimentary transportation to special events and trips; plus so much more. Your monthly fee varies according to the size of the Apartment Home or Villa and the number of residents occupying the Apartment Home or Villa.


May I bring a Motorized Chair to Larksfield Place?

Yes, Motorized Chairs can be used in the independent living areas after the driver meets our safety qualifications.


Is dress in the Dining Room formal?

Day-to-day dress in the Larksfield Dining Room is not formal. Casual dress is acceptable, excluding tank tops, tee-shirts, shorts, and flip-flop shoes.


May I have guests for lunch or dinner?

Yes, you may have guests for meals in the Larksfield Dining Room. Reservations for guests are requested in person with our dining room staff. (Meals other than the standard menu may require special handling).  Reservations in the Bistro are not necessary.


Are there garages or carports?

Yes. Both garages and/or carports are available on a month-by-month basis with an applicable fee assigned. Open-surface parking can be assigned at no cost. Villa Homes include attached garage parking.


Does Larksfield Place have on-site security?

Yes. Around-the-clock security is maintained in the Apartment Home areas as well as across the campus. Gates are secured each night and opened each morning. A security person is available at any time for emergencies.


In case of a medical emergency, how do I get help in my Apartment Home or Villa?

Emergency bracelets and pendants are provided. If activated, a telephone call is placed to Larksfield Place Communications who will coordinate an immediate response.


What type of insurance is required to move to Larksfield Place?

You do not need homeowner’s insurance, but we do encourage you to maintain a personal belongings policy/Renter's Policy.


Does Larksfield Place accept Medicare and Medicaid?

The independent living apartment homes, Villas and Assisted Living residences are strictly private pay. The Health Care Center does accept Medicare and Medicaid.


Are pets allowed at Larksfield Place?

Yes. Pets are allowed!


How do I indicate my intent to move to Larksfield Place?

Larksfield Place maintains a priority list of persons wanting a specific Apartment Home or Villa. You will be contacted if an opening occurs in your choice of apartments or villas.