Larksfield Place
A community for living
Aerial view of Larksfield Place campus

Executive Team

Leadership is a spirit, not a job description. You see it when the fitness instructor works hand-in-hand with the rehab staff to help a patient get strong enough for surgery. You see it when a housekeeper introduces a newcomer to a longtime resident who shares her passion for the violin. You see it when people pool their talents to create a new activity for everyone. If you want to see leadership in action, meet our staff. If you want to reach our management, we’re always eager to hear from you.

Michael Hambley, President & CEO

Tim NikkelChief Financial Officer

Lisa Smading, VP Resident Living & AL Administrator

Chelsea Powell, VP Human Resources


Vanessa Underwood, VP Health Services & HC Administrator


Karen Nelson
Director of Nursing

Tammy Flaming, VP Marketing