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Prevent Isolation for Better Health

Prevent Isolation for Better Health

Location: Larksfield Place Auditorium

Address: 7373 East 29th St. North

Thursday, February 13 2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Did you know that social isolation can be harmful to your health and function?

Studies have shown that social isolation is linked to decreased immune function, worsening cognitive function and poor physical function.  Preventing isolation may be as important to your health as a nutritious diet and regular exercise.  Residents have said many times that they didn’t realize how lonely they were prior to moving to our retirement community.

Please join us for this presentation by Dr. Stephen Benson, clinical psychologist.  Dr. Benson is nationally known through his work with the Alzheimer’s Association.  Learn how being engaged with other people can boost your mood for good physical and emotional health.