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Photography Exhibition Continues Through May 30

Photography Exhibition Continues Through May 30

Location: The Gallery at Larksfield Place

Thursday, May 30 2019 - 12:00 AM

APRIL 4 - MAY 30 
Larksfield Place Gallery
7373 E. 29th St. North Wichita, KS

Our new exhibit features three local photographers with work ranging from world travels, to nature and the night sky. John Brammer’s artful photographs from around the world, with a focus on street photography, aren’t just “snapshots” but capture a person’s unsuspecting soul. Kathryn Minick’s work explores the subtleties of perspective and color with images from all over the United States and the Shetland Islands. Brent Newton’s astrophotography allows you to see the night sky as never before captured through long exposure. Come travel through space and time at this awe-inspiring show.