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Kayann Ausherman Art Exhibit December 5 through January 30

Kayann Ausherman Art Exhibit December 5 through January 30

Location: Larksfield Place

Address: Larksfield Place Gallery

Thursday, January 30 2020 - 12:00 AM





Kayann Ausherman is a self taught mixed media artist from Haven, a small town near Wichita.  She has always had a creative take on life even though her art career didn’t start until her children were grown.  She grew up in rural Kansas with parents who were scientists.  A degree in anthropology was followed by working for a free lance graphic designer.  A large family of adopted and biological children kept her busy for the next couple of decades until she returned to her childhood love of art in 2013.  This lifetime of experiences and influences now finds its way into her current art.  Rather than focus on realistic replication of her subject matter, she prefers a more whimsical representation. She feels the creative process is about experimentation and exploration of new ways to express the familiar, hopefully evoking an emotional connection.  She often uses repurposed and unusual materials in her artwork like wrappers, envelopes, postage stamps, and “found” papers.

Kayann has illustrated two children’s books, and her work has been published in over 25 national mixed media magazines.  Since 2013 she has taught numerous workshops on such varied topics as Citra Solv, art journaling, collage, and many other mixed media related topics both in Kansas and elsewhere. She has exhibited her art in many local venues such as Botanica, Dillon Nature Center, banks, churches, bookstores and coffee shops.  

When not making art, Kayann enjoys time with her husband and ever growing family.  They enjoy camping in the mountains of Colorado, and are constantly fixing up their 100+ year old farmhouse.  She also maintains an active blog on her website at

Her art can be found online at as well as on her website and her etsy shop