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Coronavirus Information & Updates

In an effort to address questions and concerns about the Coronavirus and its potential impact at Larksfield Place, this webpage will be updated to provide information to family members, volunteers, visitors and others. This is an evolving situation that we will closely monitor while we make every effort to ensure the safety of those we serve.


Masks ARE mandatory on the Larksfield Place campus.  Please be prepared to show yours at the security gate.  Masks must be put on to gain entry and as well as during campus fence visits.  Thank you for helping us keep residents and staff safe!


Notice to all campus visitors:  Resident Family/Guest screening 

Independent Living Visitation Guidelines



August 5, 2020


  • Cases in Kansas – 29,259
  • Cases in Sedgwick Co. – 4,436; active cases – 2,830


  • 1 Home health staff member tested positive.  The staff person was not working during the infectious period
  • 1 Health care staff member tested positive and has not worked since July 19, and was not working during the infectious period

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day: Lord, we have now suffered through political commercials that are pitiful in their tone, as they model for us a culture of tearing down one another. In the process they tear down our ideals, including civilized discourse. We can no longer say we are a Christian nation, for clearly we are not. Yet we surely are called to be your people – ALL of us. Forgive us, Lord, for putting America first for when we do so we put ourselves first, and that is the polar opposite of what Christ taught and modeled. Impress upon us, O God, the importance of being Jesus’ followers – including supporting candidates who seek not their own power but
rather ways to serve the people of this nation and then our world. Amen. ~Larry W. Cracraft, Chaplain


August 4, 2020

Larksfield Prayer for the Day: O God, we mere mortals seek you yet we’re wary of encounters with You. You don’t seem to always be around during our times of
need, yet you show up at unexpected times, in unexpected places, in unexpected ways. We’re unsure how to recognize you, and even if we finally decide it might be you, we tend to dismiss the notion that you might want to get our attention. Help us, Lord, to recognize and welcome your presence no matter what you bring us, or what you ask of us, for we know you are always sufficient and you desire for us only to grow closer to you. Amen. ~Larry W. Cracraft, Chaplain


August 3, 2020. 


  • Cases in Kansas – 27,812
  • Cases in Sedgwick Co. – 4,196; active cases – 2,800
  • Travel restrictions are updated every 2 weeks; current list includes Florida, cruises, river cruises, and International travel


  • All AL residents tested negative.  Waiting on AL staff test results.

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day: Spirit of God, enlighten our hearts to the reality of your divine presence in our midst as we clean, as we care, as we type, and as we encounter others.  Allow us to experience your divine presence even in the midst of what so often feels to be our mundane tasks, for even in their humbleness they are part of the calling you offer us, the calling to make an impact on others’ lives. Amen.  ~Amy Baumgartner & Larry W. Cracraft, Chaplains


July 30, 2020

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day: Lord God, you call again and again for us to return to you. We know that we are yours in the beginning and we are yours in the end. The only real question for us, then, is “Whose are we in between?” Fill us with desire to be yours, that our hands might be blessed as
we do your work in our world, that our minds might be blessed as you reveal yourself and your ways ever more fully, and that our hearts might be blessed as we see the good we are accomplishing. Help us see it Lord, shine your light upon it. that when faith and hope seem to fail us, we might know we do not
labor in vain. Amen.  ~Larry W. Cracraft, Chaplain


July 29, 2020


The presumptive-positive AL employee's first test returned negative.  A second test was administered, results are pending.  Awaiting test results from assisted living residents and employees.

There are only 4 tests pending in the Health Care Center; all other pending tests were negative.

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day:  Dear God, many of us are not happy. We are a people who often don’t like change, but now we want it. We are an impatient people, yet in spite of our difficulties, we have much for which to be thankful. We give thanks for our new CEO who has led us as we continue our fight against Covid-19, helping us avoid succumbing as similar communities have. We give thanks for the medical team who reminds us daily about procedures to keep us safe. We are thankful for those who work to keep us as fit as possible. We are thankful for those who clean for us, prepare our food, keep things running, and all who are ready to help us in a time of need. Protect the frontline workers who are most vulnerable, and their families.
We are thankful for your presence which gives us hope for the future. Teach us to not focus on what we do not have, but on what is provided for us. We pray
in Jesus' name. Amen.  ~Joseph Bayles


July 27, 2020


  • Cases in Kansas – 25,109
  • Cases in Sedgwick Co – 3,579; active cases - 2,369
  • Gatherings of 15 people – social distance 6 feet apart


Assisted Living

  • 1 presumptive positive - still pending
  • All AL employees to be tested have been notified; resident approval testing forms have been completed
  • As soon as supplies are received, all will be swabbed

Health Care Center

  • 7 employees getting tested

Home Health

  • 1 employee being tested

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day:  In the beginning, O God, you shaped my soul and set its weave.  You formed my body and gave it breath. Renew me this day in
the image of your love. O great God, grant me your light. O great God, grant me your grace. O great God, grant me your joy this day. And let me be made pure in the well of your health. Amen. a Celtic prayer (from Iona) ~Amy Baumgartner, Chaplain


July 24, 2020


  • One AL staff was exposed Saturday, came to work on Monday; now has fever and presumed to be positive; has been tested with results pending
  • KDHE advises testing for all AL residents and staff 5 days after the exposure
  • Sedgwick Co Health Department will set up testing
  • AL residents are on full isolation
  • AL staff are using full PPE with all residents to limit exposure
  • Housekeeping, Food Service and Concierges will be notified of no crossover between AL and IL

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day:  Lord of Heaven and Earth, teach me that my manner might not be proud, that my eyes would see with compassion, my ears hear the resignation in one’s silence, my fingers soothe as if your touch has reached down from heaven above. Let me not be like clouds without rain, O Lord; rather let me shower blessings upon the weary, the fainthearted, the disconsolate. Compel me to center my thoughts, my words, my actions, my very being, in you as I seek to convey your blessings to a world in such obvious need. Amen. ~Larry W. Cracraft, Chaplain


July 23, 2020. 


  • Cases in Kansas – 24,104
  • Cases in Sedgwick Co – 3,368; active cases - 1,781
  • Return to gatherings of 15 people – social distance 6 feet apart


  • Testing results are taking 5-7 days
  • 3 pending - HCC employees
  • 2 pending - IL/AL employees


Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day: God, I may not be the strongest, the fastest, the smartest or the bestlooking, but I know you can still use me in a powerful way. Teach me to grasp that the abilities you have given me are only maximized when they are used for your purposes. Reveal to me how to use my abilities so that my life will yield results that are worthy in your eyes. Amen.  ~Amy Baumgartner, Chaplain


July 22, 2020 COVID ANNOUNCEMENT from Mike Hambley & Karen Nelson

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day:  O God, from whom all good things come, give now to your servants a peace that the world cannot bring us, a peace which comes only from above.  Release us, O Lord, from all our fears, from the anxieties which beset us and the doubts which bedevil us. Teach us, in your
tender mercies, how to practice faith that we might live in it, not, in our desperation, make it our last hope. Amen.  ~Larry W. Cracraft, Chaplain


July 21, 2020

Larksfield Place Prayer for the Day:  With all our heart and with all our mind we pray, ”Lord, have mercy, for we are in need of your peace from above and your loving kindness.” O God, we pray for continued protection from Covid-19 and give thanks we have been spared. We pray, too, for our salvation, today and in the future. We are beset by the stress from impatience and fear and inconvenience seemingly without end. Yet we are not in war-torn Bosnia or Syria or tornado-ravaged Biloxi or Joplin. And so we find you are saving us – perhaps as much from ourselves as from disease. So it is we offer our thanksgiving for we know our cup, filled with your grace, runneth over. Amen.  ~Larry W. Cracraft, Chaplain